Rotary unions for shaft mounting in the cylinder

Z series include all rotary joints for shaft mounting in the cylinder. Their internal mechanics varies according to the operating conditions once installed into the plant.

For air and water passage we use graphite seal on tempered stainless steel.
For the passage of hydraulic oil the whole seal system is made of Teflon filled with graphite and powered by a spring on a shaft made of nitrided steel.

The standard supply provides the rotating nipple threaded cylindrical gas right or left. We supply threading rotors by other standards.

Standard seal is made of graphite on stainless steel and it is used for water or hydraulic oil passage with filtering of almost 20 microns. For liquid with pressure over 60 bar (870 PSI), please contact our technician.

  • 100% made in Italy, entirely manufactured in our plant
  • Customizable on request
  • Nichel plated steel
  • Axial mounting, with elbow or in shaft is available
  • Size from 3/8” to 1”gas
  • Always on stock!

Swipe left and right for the internal and external view of the rotary union


Z Series – Data sheet

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Z Series