Universal rotating unions

U series rotary unions are designed for the passage of water in cooling systems. The adaptability of this series facilitates the use of compressed air, vacuum and hydraulic oil up to a temperature of 100° C. Special versions allow the fluid circulation up to 170° C.

U series rotary unions are commonly used in iron and steel plants, they can also be used in the paper, food, rubber and textile industries.

The construction materials are:

  • AISI 420 for the rotor
  • Brass for the housing

The rotary joints are equipped with ball bearing to ensure maximum stability at high rotation speed, which can reach up to 5,000 rpm.

The mechanical seals are available in two different materials:

  1. Silicon carbide for unfiltered water or with impurities
  2. Resin impregnated graphite with tempered AISI 420 for clean water and compressed air

Cylindrical gas threads are available and we manufacture different standard versions upon request (NPT, metric, ecc…).


  • 100% made in Italy, entirely manufactured in our plant
  • Standard versions always on stock!
  • Customizable on request

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U Series- Video

U Series – Data sheet

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