Rotary union for steam or hot oil

N series rotary unions are designed for the passage of fluids at high temperature, as steam and hot oil. They are mainly used in rubber, paper, non-woven and textile industries but they can also adapt to a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

The housing can consist of 1 or 2 ways to which the hoses for fluid inlet and outlet will be connected. The rotor is available both in threaded and flanged version. The housing has cylindrical BSP thread while the shaft, the rotary part, has conical BSP thread. According to the needs we provide threading with different standards (NPT, metric, ecc…).

The standard version is made with a various range of materials to ensure greater resistance to steam or hot oil passage.

Standard version construction materials are:

  • AISI 420 for the rotor and clamping flange
  • Ductile cast iron with black anti-corrosive treatment for the housing made from casting
  • Graphite impregnated with antimony for the seal and creeping bushes


  • 100% made in Italy, entirely manufactured in our plant
  • Standard versions always on stock!
  • Customizable on request

Swipe left and right for the internal and external view of the rotary union


N Series – Video

N Series – Data sheet

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