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Oem steering wheel extender for wheel with airbag

We design and manufacture special spacer for OEM steering wheel, with airbag, for any car’s brand. The best solution for cars without the depth adjusting of the steering wheel, which are normally uncomfortable to drive for tall persons. The hub improves the driving position, because it makes the steering wheel closer to the driver, for a “racing” driving style. It can be fitted on cars already provided with steering wheel depth adjusting if you think it’s not enough. This is the perfect solution if you want the steering wheel closer to you without using any non-airbag aftermarket steering wheel.

Very simple fitting, and reversible: it can be unfitted from the car if you wish, and everything will return full stock.It could be necessary extend all the wires inside the steering wheel, in case they’re not long enough to match the new position. But this doesn’t happen with every car’s brand. Do not hesitate to write us at for any question, without obligation. We keep in warehouse hubs for Renault Clio RS, Twingo RS, old Alfa Romeo and Ur-Audis. But we manufacture on request for every car.

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